Lazer imo is all around better but the Hydra is faster, has VTOL, and can spawn on helipads where as the Lazer must be stolen. Le P-996 LAZER est un avion de chasse créé par le constructeur Jobuilt, présent dans Grand Theft Auto V et Grand Theft Auto Online. I use the Hydra a lot on contact missions in hover mode as basically an attack helicopter and then I can switch into Jet mode if I need to go to a new location … The design of the P-996 LAZER is based on a F-16 Fighting Falcon. P - 996 Lazer Because not everyone is comfortable with riding alongside Peasants Lazers brought from SPMP to rain hell on the Peasants Full Lobby griefing briefing with the boys. [NOTE] This model works normal, but only with machine guns, is based on the model that is fixed in the aircraft carrier of the game ----- [What adjustments were made in the model] Sometimes articles on our website are a team effort. Compare all the vehicle specifications, statistics, features and information shown side by side, and find out the differences between the two vehicles. INSTALLATION: Drag and drop the "JMlazer" folder in the mod to the following location: Grand Theft … [NOTE] This model works normal, but only with machine guns, is based on the model that is fixed in the aircraft carrier of the game ----- INSTALLATION: 1- Drag and drop the "lazercarrier" folder, in the following location: Grand Theft Auto V\(mods)\update\x64\dlcpacks Side by-Side Comparison between the Mammoth Hydra and the JoBuilt P-996 LAZER GTA V Vehicles. Download it now for GTA 4! C'est le troisième avion militaire disponible dans la série GTA, avec l'Hydraet l'avion d'entrainementBesra. Map Location of P-996 LAZER. take a fast car and go to the given location you will get a 4-5 star wanted level go to the hangar of the plane and take it .now enter lower wanter level cheat or evade [[File:|GTA-V-conveyances-jet]] - P996 LAZER model: Rockstar Games. Written by: Gosu Noob. First Uploaded: January 02, 2016 Last Updated: January 05, 2016 Last Downloaded: October 13, 2020 - Edited: PANICO TOTAL. Taking inspiration from the P-996 models found on the USS Luxington, I decided to make an unarmed/trainer jet variation of the P-996 Lazer. ABOUT: Nothing too special, but hopefully something you can enjoy! GTA 4 Jet V Style - Fighter Jet P-996 Lazer Mod was downloaded 16009 times and it has 9.63 of 10 points so far. The P-996 LAZER can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $6,500,000, and it is stored as a Pegasus Vehicle and Hangar (Personal Aircraft).This vehicle can only be resprayed and cannot be further modified. TAGS GTA 5, location, map, statistics, vehicle. Missiles and fuel drop tanks have been removed to give the jet a more sleeker look. The JoBuilt P-996 LAZER is a Plane featured in all editions of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online.. - P996 LAZER model: Rockstar Games. - Edited: PANICO TOTAL. Such articles are published under the Gosu Noob author and that means the thing you are reading was created by the whole crew.