Do kHz neutron stars exist? While, as a conclusion, the sub-millisecond pulsar will definitely exclude the too stiff EOSs, implying that the star matter is highly incompressible or the big stars cannot endure too fast spin frequencies … As a pulsar … This pulsar was found in September 1982 at Arecibo Obser-vatory in a very high time-resolution … This surprisingly powerful pulsar challenges existing theories about how these objects form. The Pulsar Python client library is based on the existing C++ client library. Arrival-time observations of the 642-Hz pulsar … The pulsar, which is a rotating neutron star, feeds off of gas gravitationally pulled from the companion, eventually turning into a millisecond pulsar that has a rotational period of between 1 and 10 milliseconds. Apache Pulsar … Millisecond Pulsars. For instance, the simple 30 ms cut includes the double neutron star … The record-breaking pulsar system is so compact … Millisecond Pulsar A millisecond pulsar is a type of radio or X-ray pulsar that has a rotation period measured in a small number of milliseconds, usually below 30 ms.. Millisecond pulsars are strongly … @article{Papitto2013SwingsBR, title={Swings between rotation and accretion power in a binary millisecond pulsar}, author={A. Papitto and C. Ferrigno and E. Bozzo and N. Rea and L. Pavan and … Apache Pulsar is a Enterprise Edition of PubSub, Originally developed by Yahoo and now supported by Apache Software Foundation. The first millisecond pulsar designated PSR 1937+21 (by its … We have also discovered a new millisecond pulsar … There are quite a few known nowadays. After the supernova, the neutron star accretes matter from its companion, causing the pulsar … Searches now … Millisecond pulsars are ones that spin particularly rapidly, hundreds of times per second. The pulsar was discovered by NASA's NuSTAR which detected the pulsar's X-ray emission. The mass function, 2.9 x 10-8Msolar
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