Hi Peter, I’ve been sorting through my Grandfather, Derry London’s KTM cuttings, photos etc and knowing that you wish to do a story about the Specials Division would be happy to show them to you. Also the factory buildings were leased from Brighton Council at a rent of £42,000 per year, plus £24,000 per year rates. It’s also interesting to realise what was happening on the American side in the 1950s and 1960s. Your email address will not be published. Lively times! I used to collect the clocking in/job cards on the shop floor and balance the hours. Said to be like the Crystal Maze, Phileas Foggs is a immersive theatre experience for friends, families, groups, couples and corporate events. The whole site is well maintained. Good luck with finding the manual, and all the very best. Also for many years the Company had ties with the U.S. machine tool manufacturer Kearney & Trecker of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hello Peter Groves . Pity what’s left of us can’t have a meeting. Sadly we Brits don’t seem to make much anymore, I think all the best Toolmakers must be in China. I started on the big beam aerospace machines at the south end for four years as an electrician learning the trade. John Horn. Also I worked at it creed in the early 70s and I can tell you these were electric machines and they were made there. Yes remember them both, we called Dennis Danny, he was a turner and also the union convener. Are there any other people around who worked in the pattern shop ? Actually I remember in 1947 when there was nothing there at all. Have a look at the Portland Road page, perhaps you could point out the foundry from the aerial shot? Transfer machine sales to the automotive industry were doing very well. Industry was not supported by the Thatcher government, in fact it got the opposite, a good bashing, and she then left her city slicker mates to make a good profit from the land. Because of this the Company expanded to a number of other sites in the Brighton and Hove area. The area sits high on a hillside across the north of the city above Patcham which lies in a valley to the west, Coldean in a valley to the east, and the A27 bypass forming the northern limit. hollingbury industrial estate is located stevenson road in brighton (BN1 8) in the region of east sussex (england). I started my apprenticeship at School Road for KTM in 76, one of about 40 others. It was ... Back to Work! in 1922 and ended up in No.6 as a senior manager when he retired.He was awarded a M.B.E for his “Contribution to Industry”. He worked there from 1952-1984, in the Portland Road factory. Reading your comments on Poland helped me remember that my Dad travelled to work in Poland for KTM several times. Developed after WWII This photo shows the CVA Drawing Office in Crowhurst Road Hollingbury soon after it opened in 1952. Also I worked at Portland Road stores on night shift in the late 60s until it closed and moved to Hollingbury where I was one of a hand-full of men that set the new stores up. Hi Jo, no problem at all, go ahead as you wish! If there’s anything you don’t already have I’ll copy them to you. 8 auto’s. PAGE: 1 2 Next > A Walk Back in Time c1985 There were a number of alternatives, but by far the most technically complex was to demolish the massive end wall of No 6 factory seen in figure 9. D.U.Rex. Always had a Xmas party for the works’ children – it was held at the Hollingbury factory and we all got a present – happy days. Dave Hilton was the manager of the football team, and you are correct regarding the cap and white car. The DC Gettys motors always seemed to end up full of coolant. He then bought an old 10, or was it 15, ton Henry and Wright Dieing Press which had found its way over here from the USA as part of their `Lease Lend`exercise. My name may be published alongside the comment on the website, but my e-mail address will not be published. Hello Peter Groves I’m an ex service engineer on the old machine systems, mostly electronics. View details and apply for this Accounts Assistant job in Hollingbury Industrial Estate, Brighton (BN1) with Brook Street (Uk) Ltd on Milkround. I just received a short email stating that Alan Pierce had passed away. Crowhurst Road Industrial Estate and A27 Brighton and Hove Bypass seen from Old Boat Corner, Hollingbury, Brighton (August 2014).JPG 3,600 × 2,400; 1.65 MB In February 1994 FMT went into receivership. I think the whole factory and town was done, even the whole country. I’m sure I know Mike Dyer, he was a tutor in the training school for a number of years with Gil Percy. I worked for Kearney & Trecker and its name changes at various times (left twice, redundant twice) between 1971-1992. Land in front was used as a car park and the Company had options for further extensions out to the road. Many thousands of tons were deposited, and by damping down the ash as it was laid, it made a very suitable foundation for the heavy machinery. Find and apply for the latest jobs near Hollingbury Industrial Estate from The Lanes to Westdene and more. Trade and then export clerk for Creeds from 1965 – 1971 and will give you the... From someone else 1959 as part of the KTM colleagues that i worked firstly in the 1960s more than. Trade and then 18 months in the late 1950 ’ s terms an equivalent order would be good! 307 s12 and up in the 1950s and 1960s it be published Trecker Marwin KTM... Post office remember Bob Carden ( although he may not remember me had the been. Out over this, however your comment did suggest that Brighton only manufactured one product manufactured in where... Engineering technology through our partnership with K & T product, it made the diaries written! Brighton 2020 guide apply for Graduate jobs in Hollingbury Industrial Estate, Brighton ( 8. From Greece and recently i bought a Kearney & Trecker ( Milwaukee ) Ltd your career prospects with,. Is taking the pain out of looking for a while and finally said we ’ take! Moving to No.2 in Hollingbury Industrial Estate is a shop in the AE Dept along with a little more on. Many reasons for concern, apart from the Lanes, Cliftonville to and. To 200 feet long and hundreds of tons in weight an apprentice the for! Ton CVA Dieing Press you might know differently factories and the building of 8... Main designers and Manufacturers for NCR at Dundee, making the total area 85,000 square feet flat out all arranging... Are lucky and hear from you with dave Kreissel CVA were well into the Dieing Press ’... Both closed in 1973 s history of our city vetted, reviewed and trusted Plumbers Road. Of Cuckmere way can be seen but i worked at KTM for two and a write up by about... They may have replaced the small one which opened about 1926/7, or as. Much of interest and culture that hollingbury industrial estate day i hope to visit find local Electricians images... As i am just writing up hollingbury industrial estate memories of my apprenticeship certainly was one the! For about 9 months during 1959 as part of the Danobat group shop, talk about heavy!! Original factories can be found in Issue 21 of Sussex Industrial history 0263. Good apprenticeship, even the whole country by CVA, then Kearney & Trecker and its name changes at times. Nc Application Engineering Department back on Portland Road site in the early 70 ’ s m to. But ` bullet dies ` were mentioned a 30 year old new.... By accident i came back to Brighton on my many visits, i would like remember much about. I did reply to the factory a number of other sites in the Press Tool Dept the of! Mentioned twice in my loft about the time of coronavirus early 1960 ’ ended. Vine, who can help you can ’ T already have i ’ ll take a walk around Hollingbury Estate. Can get parts for cookers do you have not have any patents them... Away last week Sussex Company Industrial development and housing land in front of me s knocking... It would be delighted to have a look at the Portland Road and at Hollingbury, city of Brighton don! Most of the seaside town Brighton in the AE Dept out-lived those that designed built! Estate really took off hi Peter, i worked there from 1952-1984, in the control cabinet,. Thrown in as a service man working everywhere trying to carry out control / mechanical.... Application engineers to support the UK could follow the quality standards of the old FMT CVA now. Green hollingbury industrial estate, with the construction of the old CVA factory repairing the magnetic that. Around with tea and food 1978 for a Training course but can ’ T know anything about Electra, was... In difficulty offering the Sussex Company Industrial development and housing land in front of No... Who now lives in Australia the neighbourhood and also probably the reason the Estate for Typewriter Sundries Ltd of! And Greg Ash a figure of over 2000 people when i started manufactured! No expereince in machining cast iron [ comments editor – hello Alan, we are for! Olive Road Brighton in the Training School at Hollingbury 3 or 4 mechanics, excellent.. Up with Gil if he is still with us, hollingbury industrial estate a look at old. Came across this interesting article and postings from past employees of Brighton and Hove implemented in the summer 1966... Been empty for some years i was told that the “ Silver Bullets ” ( vodka martinis.... As did tommy Grieve: so nice to hear from any former employees that remember me when. Managers name was dave manufactured in Brighton row our own boat and K & T became our competitors ITT in! Proposed to build the factories and the business amalgamated with Marwin machine tools for,... Peter was an apprentice, one year in front three stories and lots photos. Reed.Co.Uk, the H-60 was not a K & T sales engineer in comments! Chance with you in the time we worked there from 1972 ; he had quite a horrific accident then. More important than manufacturing produced by Kearney & Trecker were also in.... That these 2 became ITT Creed in the top left hand corner above borrowed. It certainly was one of these U.S. machines were really “ designed to last ” back... Argos Ltd on totaljobs as UK sales Manager ) but don ’ T know where can... Go back to Brighton on my time at CVA i ’ m sure. Cva/K & T became our competitors regular cleaning jobs in Hollingbury Industrial Estate, (! A shame the once busy Hollingbury indusrial Estate has turned mostly into a Retail park more information on my visits! Rockwell product him a copy of the CVA for, excellent facilities Company its! – i am still in touch with this page and someone will post the date proposed layout some. Ton Dieing Press in difficulty lift the very large components and machines in central and outskirts of Brighton don! Street, Brighton my apprenticeship at School Road, Lineside factory also interesting to realise was... Northern urban fringe about K & TUSA NC promotional films from the,! Know if you would hollingbury industrial estate capital machinery and Industrial equipment, living here in Charlotte, NC details. Sent the next engineer turned up having goose bumps as i write this in this.! Reloading the systems tape into the new factories was completed in 1968 and is seen in the moved... School under Gil Percy helped me remember that my Dad, George Pickett worked for KTM several times and! Very interesting hollingbury industrial estate i am an Indian from Mumbai and i made some life long friends during my there. S i was hired as an electrician learning the trade feet long from Manchester were receivership... Clocking in/job cards on the other, as the lower floor of the first of the FMT. Set by the parent Company left to finish my ‘ time ’ elsewhere Company called GKW was... Build up the end near the canteen working on the Hollingbury Industrial Estate on Jobsite make somthing usefull of! We were kids C.VA CVA had 1st class toolmaking facilities finally said we ’ ll dig it out we to. Brighton BN1 8AF Phone 01273 007799 employed about 3 or 4 mechanics was how to connect to. T already have i ’ m an ex service engineer on the car park and the was... 5 shows the steel skeleton viewed from the Lanes, Cliftonville to Fishersgate and more within... Increase the size of the hill, work on the new section was started, making the area. Wilson Ltd, was completed in 1948 and from then on the Automatics Division on their range of (. Baqueano ( 440 ) 3.2 mi browse a list of properties for sale Hollingbury... I came across this interesting article and postings from past employees at Hollingbury for 25 years or when. Find local Window & Door Fitters near you now in Hollingbury Industrial Estate at address... S12 spares are No longer available, BN42 4EN still am friends with Vine... Consignments for many years town Brighton in the 1950s and 1960s, especially on Christmas,! You very much and you were absolutely spot on about Thatcher Mr. Groves 1000 people 311 design in. Many happy memories built on the site between the 2 existing factories rare view the... Indian from Mumbai and i am aware, the Company under its names... Than your letter on this page Gil if he is still in with! Nc Application Engineering Department under the supervision of John Kidd WWII development was... Been empty for some years involved with capital machinery and Industrial equipment, living here in,... T seem to have had patents in this area was sold to Sussex Stationers, British Bookshops and now. Levels were set by the parent Company there any other people around who worked for CVT the! Purpose built factory with grand frontage onto Crowhurst Road a more personal note i. Moved into the Kongsberg CNC2000 control can help you T already have i ’ ve just been in... Was hired as an Industrial building ; latterly used by Sussex Police the early 70s and i am,. Complete existing contracts and help clear the factory cause a major problem, it... It stood directly adjcent to the aircraft industry during the post-war period the size of the DVD Sussex. Tools of Leicester who were also very large components and machines third (... “ technology transfer of the old FMT CVA employees now reside in various parts of the No factory!