CGPA represents the grade point average of all courses attempted by a student. Diosdado San Antonio, undersecretary for curriculum and instruction, said shifting to a new grading system would mean additional work for teachers, which the agency did not want to implement. Main Campus 50 Nanyang Avenue Singapore 639798 Tel: (65) 67911744: NOVENA CAMPUS 11 MANDALAY ROAD SINGAPORE 308232 Tel: (65) 65138572: Contact Getting to NTU Final Grade Calculator, Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) - Grade Point Average (GPA) System. NTU GPA Calculator. 5.5 The weighted arithmetic mean of the grade points associated with the relevant the merger merger Tin placeat NTIJ prior to the merger merger 45- 45- 49% 49% 49% 45 - 45 - 49% 49% CM cp 49% NC NS WF WF OFFICIAL GRADING SYSTEM HIGHER EDUCATION 85 to 100% 75 to < 85% 65 to < 75% 50 to < 45 to < o to < HD NE High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass … The NTU Grading Scheme This document defines the NTU generic level and grading descriptors for application to assessment on postgraduate taught courses. 16C. Primary schools in Singapore implement a grading system along with an "Achievement Band" until the system disregarded the EM3 stream and concentrated on an "Overall Grade" scheme, which grades students as below. providing at least a pass grade has been achieved for the module as a whole, the student’s performance will be recorded as a pass for that module. 5.4 The minimum grade for a pass is as follows: Bachelor‘s Integrated master’s level 7 modules Minimum pass grade for an element or module Students are not eligible for promotion to the next study year if their CGPA is nil arising from GPA exemptions, even if they meet the AU criteria. Enter mark in the From field, select grading systems, ... (NTU Singapore) Letter Grade: Grade Point: A+: 5: A: 5: A-4.5: B+: 4: B: 3.5: B-3: C+: 2.5: C: 2: D+: 1.5: D: 1: F: 0: Information Source: Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) - Grade Point Average (GPA) System This tool is intended to be used as a guide only. ​6.4.3. no letter grade such as A, B, etc will be awarded. Similarly, if S/U grading has been opted for a course, its repeat attempt(s) will also be graded S/U. The purpose of this thread is to elicit sharing from the readers of r/NTU about any unfair grading they have experienced. The AU of a course that has been opted for S/U grading will be counted against the S/U quota only once. In a grading system based on a bell curve, fixed proportions of students attain the various grades. A grade of C- is a passing grade for Bachelor’s students. The table below shows grades at UK universities and their equivalent in the US grading system . AE1005 is a Pass/Fail course i.e. 4.2 All of the assessed grades contributing to a module or an award remain provisional until confirmed by a board. Last modified on A few examples of how CGPA is computed are given below. GPA exemption is not applicable for courses with fail grade taken on the second or subsequent attempts in the Freshmen Year. Bookmark this calculator for future reference! Introduction . Generally, NUS, NTU, SuSS and SIT have similar grading methods. There is no official bell curve process after the marking of exam scripts that I know of. This grade conversion table is used at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore). This could include participation in exchange and/or other similar programme. This means that if you score A or A+ for all the subjects that you take, you will get achieve a 5.0 GPA in the end. University . Contact your school or institution for an exact determination. National University GPA Grading System Details given Below. ​6.3.3. Aerospace EngineeringArt, Design & MediaBioengineeringBiological SciencesBiological Sciences and PsychologyChemical & Biomolecular EngineeringChemistry & Biological ChemistryChineseCivil EngineeringCommunication StudiesComputer EngineeringComputer ScienceData Science and Artificial IntelligenceEconomicsEconomics and Media AnalyticsEconomics and PsychologyEconomics and Public Policy & Global AffairsElectrical & Electronic EngineeringEnglishEnglish Literature and Art HistoryEnvironmental Earth Systems ScienceEnvironmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy & Global AffairsEnvironmetal EngineeringHistoryInformation Engineering & MediaLinguistics & Multilingual StudiesMaritime StudiesMaterials EngineeringMathematical SciencesMathematics & EconomicsMathematical Sciences and EconomicsMechanical EngineeringPhilosophyPhysics & Applied PhysicsPsychologyPsychology and Linguistics & Multilingual StudiesPsychology and Media AnalyticsPublic Policy & Global AffairsSociologySport Science and Management, Electrical & Electronic EngineeringMechanical EngineeringComputer Science, Accountancy and BusinessBiomedical Sciences and Chinese Medicine*Business and ComputingBusiness and Computer EngineeringEngineering and Economics, 4-year programmes- For students admitted to Yr 1- For students admitted directly to Yr 2, Minimum AU of Graded Courses* Obtained from NTU, Aerospace EngineeringBioengineeringChemical & Biomolecular EngineeringCivil EngineeringComputer EngineeringComputer ScienceElectrical & Electronic EngineeringEnvironmental EngineeringInformation Engineering & MediaMaterials EngineeringMechanical EngineeringRenaissance Engineering, 4-year (except for Biomedical Science programme)- For students admitted to Year 1- For students admitted directly to Year 2.